That was 2010!

Beer festivalHorsforth Beer Festival, on Friday and Saturday, 5th and 6th March 2010 attracted more than 1400 people over the two days, many of these from outside Horsforth. Almost £10,000 was raised and the local economy also benefited from those who explored and used facilities in the area.

Beer festivalThe whole of St Margaret’s Hall was in use so we were able to accommodate more people then in 2009. The main hall hosted the draught beers and the live entertainment stage, and downstairs the cellar bar was home to Cider Corner and a range of bottled Belgian beer. Unlike 2009 we did not run out of beer. The number of different beers and ciders was up by 50% on 2009, so we still had a reasonable selection to offer people on Saturday afternoon and evening.

For the first time we did our own catering and our home cooked specials attracted many compliments, and we were still supplying food to hungry drinkers a couple of hours after we planned to close the cafeteria.

In 2010:

  • Over 1400 people came;
  • 55 businesses, organisations and individuals provided sponsorship;
  • 90 volunteers staffed the festival;
  • 500 meals were prepared and served; and
  • 8500 glasses of beer and cider were consumed.

Voted beer of the festival was

"Mary Had A Little Lamb"
Ilkley brewery logo

And joint runners up

Mallard Brewery’s "Spittin’ Feathers"

Nutbrook Brewery’s "Cow Juice"

Our thanks go to:

Glass sponsors:

  • Luigi’s
  • Pooky and Grumps

Staff T-shirt sponsor:

  • Kings Arms
  • Northern Hospitality

Thanks also to:

  • Garth at Town Street Tavern for his help in promoting the festival
  • to all who sponsored barrels
  • and to our entertainers, front of house, catering and bar staff

The Festival Team:


Ian Cowling and Penny Hutton, The Old Bear Brewery


Martin Lockett, The Abbey Inn


Dennis Herbert


Lesley Crann


Lucy Childs


Tracey Wright


Dave Childs


Brian Husband

Programme editor:

Derek Glover

Website editors:

Maggie Ware
James Zhao


Greta Earnshaw
Rosemary Gaunt
Fiona Kelly


Diane Childs

Here's the 2010 beers (in case you can't quite remember them all!)

Brewery Beer ABV Tasting Notes
Bazens Black Pig Mild 3.6 Chocolate predominates in this luscious classic mild formulation
Zebra Best 4.3 A complex premium bitter, loaded with full malt flavour and crisp fruity hop character.
Black Dog Brewery Rhatas 4.6 A dark rich bitter which is creamy and very smooth to the palate
Schooner 4.2 A medium coloured beer, perfect for any season
Black Sheep Brewery Golden Sheep 3.9 Golden Sheep is a beautifully balanced Blonde cask beer, with a dry and refreshing bitterness. It develops with light, citrusy fruit flavours, and a clean, crisp finish.
Blue Monkey 99 Red Baboons 4.2 Dark ruby
Gorilla 4.9 Dark Stout, winner SIBA
Bob's White Lion 4.3 A very pale, flowery 4.3% lager style beer using Cascade hops
Bowland Dragon 4.2 A golden bitter with a refreshing finish
Hen Harrier 4.0 A pale golden bitter with soft citrus and peach flavours
Brass Monkey Golden Monkey 4.1 A pale hoppy bitter
Silverback 5.0 A beast of a golden bitter, full of aromas
Brown Cow Black Squirrel Hazelnut Porter 5.1 A deep full flavoured Porter with subtle hints of hazelnut, long and full on the finish, smooth and far too easy to drink.
White Dragon 4.0 A pale aromatic beer, refreshing with a good level of bitterness, citrus undertones and a clean finish.
Dicky Ticker Brewery Ark Dark 5.6 A rich full flavoured porter.
Gnasher 4.1 A pale copper ale, smooth to drink with a hint of chocolate
Fox Beer Clarendon dark mild 3.6 A traditional Yorkshire mild with plenty of flavour.
Mr Todd 4.3 not supplied
George Wright Brew Co Black Swan 3.8 Dark, distinctive bitter
Drunken Duck 3.9 Fruity, golden, hoppy
Goose Eye Golden Goose 4.5 Straw light on palatte smooth refreshing finish
No-eye Deer 4.0 Strong hoppy flavours and an intense bitter finish characterise this pale brown bitter
Great Heck Slaughterhouse Porter 4.5 full bodied porter
White Rabbit 3.8 pale, dry, bitter
Greenfield Real Ale Brewery Delph Donkey 4.1 Light golden beer with a hint of citrus flavour
Hambleton Ales Cheeky Mare 4.0 An amber bitter bursting with assertive citrus hop bitterness
Stallion 4.2 Chestnut brown premium bitter, malty character balanced with fruit and a hint of nuttiness.
Ilkley Brewing Co Mary had a little lamb 3.5 A bouncy pale ale full of the joys of spring. Light in colour with citrus aroma and flavour.
Ugly Duckling 4.0 A beer with hidden qualities. Traditional chestnut coloured Yorkshire bitter with spicy depths
Leadmill Brewery Beast 5.7 Mid copper premium ale, deceptively smooth brewed with English Progress.
Old Mottled Cock 4.2 Mid copper, fruity spicy beer brewed using syrian goldings.
Snakeyes 4.8 Pale straw fruity beer with a slightly sweet after taste brewed with american Crystal.
Little Valley Python IPA 6.0 Powerful, floral minty and grassy aroma with a straw like colour and long bitter finish. This journey will easily survive the long journey to India.
Magpie Brewery Fledgling 3.8 A spicy, orangy nose; hops in the mouth with a dry citrus finish; a session beer that's full of flavour.
Theiving Rogue 4.5 A slightly grassy lightly hopped nose; silky smooth in the mouth with just a hint of bitterness; a dangerously drinkable golden beer.
Mallard Brewery Duck n Dive 3.7 A light, single hopped beer made from the hedgerow hop, First Gold
Spittin' Feathers 4.4 A mellow, ruby bitter with a complex malt flavour of chocolate, toffee and coffee.
Milestone Brewery Lion Heart 4.4 Dark red malty ale, made with German hops
Lions Pride 3.8 Copper coloured session ale, traditional style bitter.
Millstone Brewery Tiger Rut 4.0 A pale hoppy ale with a distinctive citrus/grapefruit aroma
Nutbrook Brewery Cow Juice 6.0 Traditional milk stout
Mongrel 4.5 Dark best bitter
Old Bear Black Mari'a 4.2 Wholesome jet black stout, Worthing Festival beer of the festival 2009
Mad March Bear 3.7 A hoppy ale with a refreshing flavour.
Old Spot Darkside Pup 3.6 Full bodied dark mild, deep coffee taste with a liquorice finish
Dogs in the barrel 4.5 Chestnut coloured malty ale
Pheonix Brewery Monkeytown Mild 3.9 Mild
Poachers Brewery Billy Boy 4.4 A rich, full flavoured brown beer hopped with Fuggles and Mounthood. Named after the brewery dog - Billy - a Border Collie.
Robinsons Unicorn 4.2 amber, fruity
Roosters Brewery Drunken Duck 4.3 Pale coloured, premium aromatic bitter. Tropical fruit/floral aromas. Full tasting, well balanced.
Wild Mule 3.9 Pale coloured beer. Amazing aromas closely mirror those of the Sauvignon grape. Moderately bittered, long finish.
Salamander Gecko 4.0 light hoppy beer
Mud Puppy 4.2 copper, best bitter
Southport National Hero 4.0 Bronze coloured bitter, fruity with a hint of blackcurrant
Natterjack 4.3 premium bitter
Village Brewer Bull 4.0 Pale, well-hopped, fruity
White Boar 3.8 A superb light hoppy session bitter with a full fruity aftertaste
Weetwood Ales Cheshire Cat 4.0 Blond
Old Dog Bitter 4.5 Dark beer
York Brewery Yorkshire Terrier 4.2 amber/gold, fruit, hops

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